Sungear Inc, now AS9100 Certified


Raw Material To Finished Goods, Loose Gearing as well as Assemblies and Sub Assemblies

We maintain proven manufacturing plans for thousands of parts currently in use throughout the aerospace and defense industry. During the manufacturing phase, we acquire the necessary raw materials, primarily super alloy steel, from a number of reliable suppliers. We then machine the parts complete to final blueprint, outsourcing only the heat treating and plating operations to our customers approved special processors. Depending on the complexity of the final component, the manufacturing plan can require as many as 50 to 60 different complex manufacturing steps in order to produce the final product.

After completion, the products are either stored on site or shipped directly to the customer location, depending on customer needs. For our LTA customers, we maintain safety stock of approximately two months worth of historical usage, in order to absorb fluctuation and volatility in customer demand. Typical lead times for non-LTA customers are approximately 14-22 weeks, depending on the specific product.

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