Sungear Inc, now AS9100 Certified


Through our years of proprietary research and development efforts, we have an innate understanding of the manufacturing processes required to develop high quality gear components. Our extensive knowledge truly differentiates us from a traditional “machine shop” supplier. We use the latest in CAD/CAM programs to generate a complete processing package for each individual part number. Packages may contain up to 30 proprietary, highly-engineered operational drawings and are archived as reference for future production runs, as well as documented historical data.

Not only does Sungear create engineering plans from existing customer blueprints, we also undertake Concurrent Engineering with many of our customers. In Concurent Engineering, Sungear’s engineers work closely with our customers’ engineers and technical staff to develop new gear designs, and improve on existing design requirements. Typically, customers will provide preliminary drawings to Sungear for prerelease evaluation, relying on our expertise to verify the drawings, and facilitate the ease of manufacturability. Many of our employees are cross-trained in various manufacturing processes including machine programming, quality control, and operations, and can help to anticipate issues before they arise. Having us involved early in the pre-production phase results in better design, and ultimately cost savings for our customers.

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