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Our company has extensive experience in manufacturing precision gear components for the aerospace and defense market. Our engineers have been a part of our team for over 15 years, as have many of our skilled machine operators, inspectors, and quality control personnel. It is this team leadership that keeps us committed to our core quality values, while adapting and growing in new directions.

Lee Miramontes Senior Engineer


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Lee credits his success to the philosophy “You have to see the problem in advance, and correct it – then you can prevent having to fix it later.” This, in a nutshell, summarizes Lee’s strengths as one of the top manufacturing minds you will find anywhere.

Lee got his start apprenticing at a Sheet Metal Shop at the age of 19. Within 5 years, Lee climbed the ranks to become the assistant Lab Technician, a certified Level 11 Dye Penetrant Inspector, a General Inspector, and finally, Assistant Sheet Metal Mechanic. While working, he also attended a local College nightly, earning an AS Degree in Industrial Technology with an emphasis in Manufacturing Methods, Metallurgy & Machining. Lee is also highly educated in cost estimating, processing, mathematics, drafting, physics, and chemistry.

In 1982, Lee accepted a position as an Apprentice Manufacturing Engineer, and learned Manufacturing Engineering the old fashioned way, by training on machines such as mills, lathes, grinders, gear shapers & hobbers. Within this discipline, Lee began working on Planning and Processed Gears and Splines.

Lee started at Sungear Inc in 1995, and at present is the Senior Engineer and IT expert. Some of the numerous projects Lee has consulted on are the assembling of the Space Shuttle, the Atlas Rocket Project, as well as numerous aircraft such as the MD 11 and Boeing 727. In recent years, he obtained an MCSE Certificate from San Diego State, and attended numerous classes in computers and MS Office, Auto Cad, & Programming. Lee created and programmed the Gear Software at Sungear Inc, and trained personnel in its use. With 35+ years of experience in Gear Manufacturing, Aircraft Assembly and detail Manufacturing, Lee undertakes Sungear’s toughest engineering planning and tooling jobs with great success.

Glenn Wilcox Quality / Manufacturing Engineer


ph: (858) 549-3166 X 106
fx: (858) 549-0252

A Sungear team member since 1986, Glenn spent much of his early years in the position of Sungear’s Quality Assurance Manager. In 1998, he was appointed to the manufacturing engineering department, where his responsibilities have grown to include the production of Sungear’s manufacturing plans and the procurement of raw materials. In addition to being a busy member of Sungear’s engineering team, Glenn is also Sungear’s quality engineer. It has been Glenn’s task to create, implement, and maintain Sungear’s AS9100 quality program. Glenn holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Studies from San Diego State University, as well as professional certificates in both Total Quality Management and Business Computer Applications

James Wilson Director of Manufacturing

James Wilson joined Sungear Inc. in 1984 and has oversight responsibility for Sungear’s in-house manufacturing. James is also responsible for ensuring that Sungear’s Safety & Hazardous Waste Program operates efficiently, and in compliance with all state and federal regulations. He brings over 30 years of gear manufacturing experience and 15 years of operations management experience to Sungear.

Paul M. Scott Director of Quality Assurance

Paul Scott started with Sungear in 1998, and currently has over 35 years experience in the Manufacturing Industry. Starting out as an inspector, Paul quickly worked his way up the ranks to his current position of Assistant Quality Manager. Paul is certified and has undergone extensive training from Brown & Sharp’s PC-DMIS CMM Programming Course, as well as completing the stringent MQS Magnetic Particle Inspection Course. Paul’s work ethic and commitment, coupled with his knowledge and vast manufacturing experience, makes him a very valuable player on the Sungear team.

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